2016 Favourites

Hello 2017. *Insert obligatory new year new me shit here.* Let’s be honest, these next few months will 100% be me trying to post and drowning in college work instead. I am trying to find a weekly upload time that I will actually stick to, because to be honest it would be nice for this blog to actually go somewhere rather than the bedrooms of me and everyone I beg to read. Hi Facebook friends lots of love xxx


But back to obligatory writings, and my favourite things of 2016. I have a lot of areas to cover and things to include, let me know if you want info on anything else and any posts you want from me in the comments, and let’s jump straight in.

As a music lover and concert addict, although my concert count for last year was lower than usual, this year should definitely make up for that. But last year’s albums made up for it too. Even though it only came out in November, Little Mix’s Glory Days was DEFINITELY my favourite album of the year. It’s just full of feel good catchy songs, like the girls always are, and no one can deny these four are dropping banger after banger at the moment. The album does not disappoint. I also can’t go without mentioning Illuminate by Shawn Mendes. B e a u t i f u l. Wow. I mean this boy has achieved many of my life goals and is only a few months older than me. His album reflects his passion and talent and I cannot wait to see him put it all on stage in April. James Arthur’s album Back from the Edge was another album full of talent and passion, but held a deeper meaning, connecting with his struggles with mental health, so many of the songs would definitely reassure someone of the same position. His songs are just so easy to listen to and love. Trying to sing them however… give me a few more weeks and a little bit of heartbreak. And finally I can’t not mention Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande. Every album mentioned features insane voices and Ariana’s definitely comes to match. Her songs have the same feeling as LM with feel good songs for women that are a little bit PG when appropriate, if you know what I mean. I could probably list you all four of these album track lists in order because this is all I had on repeat in 2016.

Now TV addict Niamh watched some fab series in 2016. It can go without saying I loved Stranger Things, but I can’t bring myself to write what everyone else has. NBC’s Chicago PD has been amazing this past season. I used to love The Bill and this has that sort of esq to it with police drama, it also has one of my favourite actresses (Sophia Bush) and onscreen couples and I just can’t not love it. Now ABC has the best Thursday night TV on planet earth and it deeply upsets me that I’m not American and cannot fully appreciate it. Instead I have to wait and watch it … other ways. (On Netflix in like 8 years YAWN no, I’ll drop you some links wink wink.) ((If I never post again here is why.)) ANYWAY they air Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder and Grey’s Anatomy all in one night and honestly that is just the best night of TV ever. If you’re American and don’t appreciate that then never talk to me. When I go to New York in March I actually might just stay in the hotel on the Thursday to live my dream. Big plans. These three TV shows have produced such amazing seasons for 2016 and I can’t wait to see what this year brings. If you’ve never watched any of these shows I can safely say you’re missing out, every single one is 10/10 trust me. (And the first seasons of some are on Netflix I think lol.)  Now as much as I love PLL 2016 shall not be discussed as there were some good eps there were many… many pointless ones and for that I pray that these last 10 in April do one of my favourite programmes justice.

In terms of films I’d not seen many new ones last year, although the list of ones I’ve wanted to see has been as long as my arm. One I did see and LOVED was London has fallen. I love the first film Olympus has fallen and even though it was basically the same storyline, it’s a genre I just love. Along with White House Down, films where they try to attack the president etc, although scary, are always so so good. I definitely think I can be more of an Action film kind of girl, than chick flicks, but I do love a good chick flick. I did see Me before You aswell and cried a bit but not as much as I expected. It was a really lovely film though, definitely worth a girly night in watch. I only read a few books too, I read Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour on holiday, and really loved how realistic it seemed. It wasn’t a rushed and forced love story, and it was really original from things I’ve read before. Similarly on originality was We Were Liars. Oh. My. GOD. READ THIS BOOK. I read it all in one night, I didn’t go to sleep until 4am because I was so addicted. I can’t even explain it because I’ll give it away. Just read it. It was amazing.

Finally for the chunk we’ve all been waiting for. Make-up. I purchased a set of Morphe brushes this year off beauty bay for such a good price and I don’t think I can fault them. I’m no make-up expert, as much as I’d love to be or say I am, but it is safe too say that they do the job. My two ride or die eyeshadow palettes have been Fortune Favours the Brave by Makeup Revolution which you can read about here, and, even though I only got it for Christmas, Too Faced’s Chocolate Bon Bon palette is my life! Just so amazing both of them I cannot fault either product or price. Another palette I have loved has been the Sleek Face Contour Kit in Light. It comes with a lovely powder contour which is so easy to blend and a champagne highlight, which I find can rub off a bit of makeup sometimes but overall is good and a gorgeous shade. The Falsies mascara by Maybelline was originally a love hate relationship but now is definitely a love, considering I have naturally long lashes it’s hard to find a none-clumpy mascara, but this one just adds that last bit of length they need. And finally I can’t not mention NYX liquid lipsticks. Whether their suede, lingerie or soft matte creams, once I got the hang of applying them, none of them have disappointed me. The suede ones are probably my favourite, but they only have two natural-ish shades which is upsetting. Dear NYX please make more.

Well that was quite the ramble, no change there of course. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Stick to those resolutions you’re going great, do it for me because I’m definitely not.

Thanks for reading. Until next time.

Let’s Talk About: The ‘Fangirl’ Stigma.

Hello blog I have missed you. I really hate it when life gets in the way of me writing, but I’m hoping to be back to regular posting for now. I’m also looking to write a quick chatty post and update all the people who don’t care on my not so exciting yet ever so busy life, because why not.


Anyway, onto todays post. I really enjoyed my last ‘Let’s Talk About’ post, and thought I’d write about something a little more overlooked today. Now I mean I’ll admit it, I’d more than likely be considered a fangirl, but it’s not as much something to be ashamed of as some people might think. There are definitely the crazy fans who send their idols beyond revolting presents and chuck all their bras on stage and chase moving vehicles and camp outside their house and basically stalk their every move. However. This is the stigma I’m trying to address. Because it isn’t like that at all. It’s so far from it. Even so I’m preparing to expose all my cringey ‘fangirl’ secrets whilst writing this so please still love me, I promise I’m sane.

Now the first thing I’ll have to admit is that I do have seperate Twitter accounts for the seperate fan bases I consider myself to be a part of. This is something I have definitely heard to be called ‘sad’ but personally I think it’s efficient. Put it this way, all of my school/college friends aren’t going to want to see my God awful cringey tweets about my favourite band’s new album on release day, however, my friends within that fandom might love to read those opinions. It’s a filter in my eyes, and gives me a way to seperate the two sides of my online life. Like Hannah Montana, if she had Twitter.

Having another account also helps you to make so many new friends you could never dream of meeting without it, or without the band for that matter. Personally, I could do a whole other post on internet friends etc. so if you’re interested let me know. What I will say here is that internet friends in a fanbase could be some of the best people you ever meet. My account helps me find and keep in touch with so many amazing people who I meet at concerts and events. It’s crazy because when you go to said places it’s almost certain these people will have a ‘fan-account’. What bugs me most is when people claim ‘You can’t make real friends online.’ I know so many people who have met their best friends online, and they’ve ended up living literally round the corner from them. But like I said, completely different debate. (Also revolves around staying completely safe!!!!)

There are literally so many pro’s I could never consider it to be sad. I am living the life of Miley. (Yes Miley not ‘Riley’ I’m linking to my Hannah Montana reference shut up.)

Now it is definitely safe to say that one of the best things for many fans is the happiness the artist brings. ‘Fangirl’ or not, you almost definitely have that one album you can listen to that will put a smile on your face no matter what. And that is literally all a fangirl thinks too. That little spot of sunshine on the bus in the morning listening to your favourite song. I mean come on, anyone can relate. The only difference is these specific fans dedicate a little bit more time into knowing how that artists day went and hoping for a little acknowledgement of their existence from their favourite band member, but wouldn’t you do the same? It’s a broad standing I think. I mean a fan is a fan. We all do the same things nowadays. Post a few pictures, write a few tweets, try not to die when said artist likes said picture or said tweet. It’s a fine line, is it not?

I think a definite stigma is the relation of depression to ‘fangirls’ which is a tentative subject on its own to say the least. I’d argue that many fans probably have used the band/artist to get them through tough times, sadly sometimes even as far as mental health issues. But there’s a recurring image of the girl who won’t come out of her room and cries because they love them and they’ll never know them. We’re stronger than that, give us some credit.

Finally I want to touch on the ‘stalking’ stigma of a fangirl. Now I’m not going to deny that I’ve waited outside a hotel to meet a band, or gone to a venue a few hours early to try to meet the performer. It does seem a bit farfetched to wait outside a hotel, I can see the line of argument. But the fact of the matter is, why not? If you know that your band/artist doesn’t mind stopping for fans outside hotels and venues given the chance (which many don’t as it’s so common now) then why the hell not? May as well have a few pictures with the people you’re ‘dedicating your fangirl life and soul to’ while you have the chance hey. It’s not like we don’t still have boundaries, most of us anyway. There are lines I personally would not cross like going anywhere near their hotel rooms/houses unless accidental or invited etc. They’re human after all. We don’t forget that.

My point is obvious really. A fangirl isn’t a 12-year-old girl/boy crying and kissing a poster, hoping that one day they will finally walk down the aisle and become Mr/Mrs Bieber. Only eat sleep and breathing song lyrics and fun facts. No. Just your average 15+ years old boy/girl sat in bed, watching Netflix and tweeting basic things, until that topless picture of their fave is posted…

Well this was a little out of my comfort zone but hope you enjoyed.

Thanks for reading. Until next time.

Let’s talk about: Slut Shaming.

So I’ve decided  that whenever there’s a serious topic or current affair sort of thing I want to write about I’m going to call it a ‘Let’s talk about…’ Cos I’m cute and original okay. This week it’s really bothering me how much women are judged on what they wear and how they look and how in similar instances, men are not judged the same.


Obviously this has been a problem for centuries, but I think recently it is becoming apparent to my generation just how backward things are going in terms of equality for women, and how bad the double standards are. This problem really hit me on Sunday night when, incase you weren’t aware, Little Mix performed their new single on The X Factor. They were absolutely amazing and looked just as good, and then I saw complaints online about their on stage outfits. Written to be ‘inappropriate for a family show’ and ‘like stripper outfits’, some viewers definitely weren’t happy. But can somebody please tell me what planet they’re on. I mean correct me if I’m wrong but it is 2016, right? Us women are allowed to show our ankles and whatever skin we damn well please and are comfortable with. Comments about the show being aimed at families were just as hypocritical. Most of these middle-aged women (who were probably jealous of how amazing the girls looked), will more than likely still be buying tickets for their daughters to see the girls in concert where they always wear stage outfits of similar fashion. The four girls were wearing either a bodysuit (not swimming costume as many exaggerated) and over the knee boots, or Leigh-Anne wore a shirt dress with the same boots. So virtually only the tops of their thighs were on show. And apparently people were scarred for life. God help us for seeing a woman’s thighs. It’s pathetic.

In cases like this it particularly grinds my gears when women slate other women. Are we not all fighting the same battle? Do you want equality for women or do you want to be covering up everything but your ankles again? Get a grip. Body shaming each other and criticising everything in an age where it is highly unlikely a woman is body confident is saddening and in my opinion, unacceptable. We should take pride in the women who are confident enough to show off who they are and express who they are and their individuality, no matter what their shape or size. Don’t criticise what you can’t achieve yourself.

Then there’s the bigger picture. If a boy band were on stage all performing topless there would not be an outrage. It would not be considered ‘inappropriate for families’ and they would not be compared to strippers. They would be encouraged and complimented. The same happens online, for example on Instagram. A female celeb posts a picture looking stunning in a bikini and there is uproar. A male celeb posts a topless picture (or even when naked pictures of Justin Bieber leaked) everyone loves it. Where is the logic? We should embrace anyone in any way. A guy wants to post a topless picture. Good for him. A woman wants to show off her amazing figure in her new bikini. You go girl! Where is the rule saying it can’t be the same treatment for everyone, what is the barrier stopping it from being a thing? Now I’m obviously not endorsing everyone posting indecent images exposing themselves or celebrities to perform naked (because that would be extreme, I mean if you have the confidence go you I just wouldn’t recommend posting it online, or performing naked.) but equality really isn’t too much to ask for is it.

At the end of the day, a woman should not be sexualized for wearing, or not wearing,  particular things, or having parts of her body on show that would not be sexualised with a man. If you still believe that what you wear signifies who you are and what you represent you are taking hundreds of steps back into history. What you wear should express who you are and if you disagree with how someone presents themselves, keep your opinion to yourself because it could have a serious effect.

Anyway rant over I really wanted to get my views of my chest and what better place. Please feel free to share your views with me on this topic I’d love to hear more opinions. And any ideas of future blog posts or ‘Let’s talk about’ rants would be fun too.

Thanks for reading. Until next time.

Staying Positive.

Hello hello. Long time no see.

So school is back in session and it’s not the happiest time of year. The looming feeling on a Sunday and waking up early on a Monday has returned so fast I don’t think anyone was physically ready for Summer to come to a close as soon as it did.

However, I for one am trying to look on the brighter side of things and get myself into a nice positive mindset for what is going to be a stressful year ahead. I’m one week into my second year at college and I already feel like my brain could explode at any second, but I’m still aiming to stay positive. On that note here are my top tips for keeping a positive mindset!

  1. For me, organisation is important. If I feel like I’m organised and know what I’m doing and when and keeping on top of all my work, the relief is a treat in itself. Stress brings about negative vibes so relieve yourself by creating a weekly timetable showing what you’re going to do and when. This applies if you’re working/at school/at college. Also sometimes I tend to feel like my thoughts can disorganise me and stress me out. (Over thinking is our worst enemy am I right?) To deal with this I keep a notebook next to my bed and a notes page open on my phone just to jot down whatever I’m thinking about that may be bothering me or that I feel I need to solve or arrange, if that makes sense? A tidy mind is a happy mind.
  2. Next up I definitely advise to stop comparing yourself to others. Whether this be someone’s hair, figure, face, ability, knowledge, DON’T DO IT! Everyone is different for a reason, and once you teach yourself that and become happy with who you are you can’t go wrong. If you want to change something about yourself then by all means do whatever makes you happy, but the comparison is the worst part and we can all do without it. Becoming accepting and happy with yourself is the first step to a positive mindset.
  3. Leading on from this, you’ve got to learn to accept your ‘faults’, or what you may deem to be faults. Now I’m not overweight but I’m not exactly the thinnest either, but that’s okay. I know for a fact that I’m too lazy to do anything about it properly. I exercise when I can but it’s not a regular routine, and I eat as healthily as I can too. However I don’t deny the fact that I love food, and I could never  properly diet and I definitely couldn’t keep the weight off that’s for sure. (Chocolate and Nandos comes before lettuce and celery in my books.) In coming to acceptance I learnt that I can dress to love how I look. We all have those certain jeans that make our bum look big, and certain tops that make our boobs look great. So find your jeans and top and love yourself. Acceptance is key.
  4. Do what makes you happy. This one is slightly hypocritical of me because there are a few things I still haven’t built up the balls to do, but beat me to the punch. For one, starting this blog and posting it for all to see was a big jump. Letting everyone know what goes on inside my head and leaving all to judge me freely was daunting, but I’m so glad I did it. It may be a risk but just take it. If in the end it doesn’t go to plan, it’s only a learning curve that will help you out in the future, trust me. If it could make you happy, just go ahead and do it!
  5. Finally I think learning to ignore what other people think is important. Only the people who matter the most to you have the opinions that truly matter, anyone else is irrelevant. Even so in saying that, if you’re happy and those people that matter are negative, their opinion doesn’t matter. Your happiness takes priority. If the people who are close to you cannot support what makes you happy then they’re not true friends – but that’s a whole other argument. What I’m trying to say is put your happiness before everyone else’s and if people cannot accept the fact you’re happy, or want to bring you down when you are, ignore them and be as ignorant as they apparently are. Getting rid of the negative things in life brings you one step closer to being positive.

I’m sure there are a few things I’ve forgotten but these are a few of the steps I personally have taken to feel happier within myself. If you are struggling with staying positive and need someone to talk to, feel free to message me on any form of social media (linked on the home page, instagram and twitter user is @_niamhyx, dms are open.) or speak to a friend/parent/teacher. If you would like to seek help from someone more professional see online and a doctor what help is out there, I will add links of anything useful I find.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and keep smiling.

Thanks for reading. Until next time.

The Awkward In Between of Seventeen

Seventeen. It’s a tricky one. So is being late sixteen too I suppose. You’ve started college and the year 11 fun is over, and we’re all stuck in this same awkward stage in which no one quite knows what to do with themselves. Am I an adult? Am I a kid? Who knows.. Well, here are 8 problems a 17 (and 16) year-old can relate to;

1. The dreaded part-time job.

It starts out as a big waiting game of endless applications and rejection emails until that one moment of acceptance and joy. The naive joy. Until the realisation hits that you’re in the big working world. Say bye bye to your weekends and free time, it’s time to adult.

2. Earning money.

You might be earning your own now, but you’ll soon realise it’s not enough, especially if you’re unfortunate enough to be on minimum wage. It’s a hard road to payday, and once you get there it’s probably not that delightful, but hey, it’s better than nothing.

3. The care you now take with that money.

When it was your parents money, asking for a few bits and bobs every now and then was nothing, but now you find yourself working out how many hours worth of work this new pair of jeans cost. Is three hours of blood sweat and tears worth it? Most of the time the answer is yes, (for us shopaholics with no will power), but still, this new money fear is an alarming welcome to adulthood that none of us were quite ready for.

4. Along with care, comes new necessities.

Most things that once came from the bank of mum and dad now must come from the bank of me. When wanting to keep up appearances, and in with the new trends, and to have the ability to access money in emergencies, (you know when you run out of foundation, or break a nail, or need that new album on iTunes) the teen necessities now come from you.

5. Driving.

A new adulthood activity now available to you, that again brings its problems, but a new sense of freedom and respect and responsibility. Once you know how to drive you can go anywhere really, and that’s quite exciting in itself. The money problem will again slide into this one and poke away at you, reminding you of those new ‘bank of me’ adult responsibilities.

6. College.

It’s not school but it is school. You’re still in this awkward education system where a memory test is all we have to show for years of our time, but you have a little more freedom and responsibility – and for most of us there’s no uniform which is a perk (especially on those ‘I can’t be bothered getting ready so I’ll just shove on this hoodie’ days). The work is ten times harder and the exams are match that but we stumble on with our “free’s” which we could really use more wisely, and those early finishes providing great excuses to go home and nap. So really – it’s not that bad??? There’s also the huge expectations that come along with exams and results and teen life etc, but that’s another issue in itself.

7. Beyond college. Not a clue.

You’ve been there ten minutes and they already think you have your life planned out. Some of us do – the lucky ones – the rest of us drift on throughout the year until we’re smacked in the face by reality. The first year of college is over, and applying to university needs to happen soon, so what do you wanna do? And honestly, we’re still not that sure. Then there is the added pressure again of exam results and even getting into university etc etc etc, the issues are an ongoing cycle.

8. Independence.

We’re independent enough to be earning our own money. But we’re not old enough to be earning the same amount as someone not even a year older than us in the same job? We’re almost 18 and need to act our age and be an adult and grow up. But we still want to be a kid and can still be treated like one? Also we still want to pay child fare on trains and buses, and can only afford that. But we now have to pay as adults? It’s all sat at a confusing and awkward in between. Along with this independence comes the struggle of trying to be your own person but also fit in with society – again another issue in itself.

I think the realities of being almost 18 and an adult are nothing like we expected. There is a lot more pressure and responsibility than we originally see. TV and films definitely show a different side, a side that many of us will not achieve and that’s okay. Also many of these images come from America where teen life may differ a lot from this, they have different limits and opportunities maybe? Anyway the point is there is a lot more than meets the eye to being seventeen.


This post probably sounds really problematic, but don’t get me wrong there are some occasional perks to being a teen, but this was my take on the little problems. Also let me know if any of the issues mentioned you would like me to write more about.

As with any other post I hope this wasn’t too waffley and babbly. Please comment/like/follow my blog, have a browse at my other posts and follow my twitter and instagram – @_niamhyx.

Thanks for reading. Until next time.

Prom Tips for 2016!

It’s that time again! The dress is ready, the tan is set and the nails are dry. It’s prom season! I can’t believe it’s June if I’m honest, meaning it’s been a year since my own prom. My best friend is prepping for hers on Friday, and I know thousands of other 16-year olds across the country will be midway with appointments for their own. That’s why I decided I’m going to give you some of the best Prom Day tips I can think of, especially those that I would use if I were to have a do over on my own prom!

(Obviously had to cheekily drop in some pictures from prom, oops..)

First of all get plenty of sleep. I know the night before you will be nervous etc etc, but honestly sleep, sleep, SLEEP! You don’t want to hit that wall half way through the night where all you want to do is go to sleep, especially if you have an after party planned! You need to be prepared for a full 8 hours on the go, minimum.

Next thing, drink plenty of water and eat throughout the day. I know this sounds so typical and motherly but it can easily be forgotten or pushed aside in the excitement of the day. Either that or it can be purposefully pushed aside due to fears associated with a certain dress. Please don’t be silly! Having some soup for your lunch is not going to make you gain 3 stone and make you not fit in your dress. (Disclaimer: food at my prom wasn’t very nice so this may be the last thing you eat for a while, if anything, stock up!)

Now for hair. Make sure you have plenty of hairspray. Try and take a mini can with you if it will fit in your bag, or at least reapply before you leave and at pre-prom events. If your appointment is quite early, this definitely applies! If you’re having your hair curled, ask your stylist to pin the curls up so they don’t drop out quickly. If you’re going for an updo, take extra grips with you to prom and your other appointments.

With make-up you should ideally have this as your last appointment. Assuming you’ve had a trial make sure you definitely love what you’re having done, ask for any changes if you’re unsure, you don’t want to regret it. In this area I’d probably only recommend using a setting spray or hair spray which your MUA will definitely ensure. And take lipstick with you to reapply. Again if there’s room in your handbag, a little powder can go a long way if the venue is warm.

So now you’ve ate, had your hair done, make up is done, dress is on, you’re feeling so refreshed from all the sleep and water you’ve had, and you’re just mastering that perfect walk in those extremely high heels, you’re almost good to go! Just a few final things;

  • Don’t be hard on yourself. You look incredible, and you should feel it! Prom should be a day to feel like a princess, so don’t put yourself down as anything less. Don’t compare yourself to your classmates because everyone is different, and you’re slaying just as much as they are.
  • Stay calm! I remember so well how much me and my friends were panicking in our limo ride. We spent half the time singing and half the time stressing about not being able to get out, or falling over, or ripping our dress, or all of the above. Fun fact: I was getting so het up about everything when we were waiting outside watching everyone arrive, that I fainted! That and the heat… Embarrassing!! Definitely wouldn’t wish THAT on anyone!
  • Take loooooads of pictures, and make sure you have your pose ready. It sounds awful but spontaneity is not your friend in this situation, test some poses out so you know you’re going to love all the pictures you get – I hate most of mine. Make sure you get pictures of yourself and your dress as well because you will definitely want those I can say from experienced deprivation. You will want all these pictures to look back on, you can never take too many!
  • Make sure you wear a napkin if you get a meal at your prom. We don’t want to see gravy stains in between diamantes.
  • Have fun! You only get one prom so make the most of it! One thing I hated at prom was that barely anyone was up dancing, and dancing always makes for a great night, so try to get some classics on and get everyone up. Don’t let anyone else there ruin your time, bitchiness needs to be left outside the door.

I’m sure you’ve heard most of this before but hopefully it was some help to you if you’re worried. One thing I would say is prom might not be what you expect, but this may also depend on your school and where you live, but I hope no one is disappointed! Hope you all have an amazing day, feel free to link me to any prom pictures because I love it and may do a future post about dresses!

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No Place I’d Rather Be..

There’s no place I’d rather be than a concert. Ever. I swear I always have a recent one to talk about. And one to look forward to. Except right now. Which is deeply upsetting. Honestly.

But until I solve that problem and book myself another, I’m going to sit and reminisce over the best ones I’ve ever been to.

The 1975 have literally the best stage presence I have ever witnessed. I’ve seen them twice now; once in September 2014 and then again in March this year and they just keep getting better. The first time I saw them I was at the barrier, right at the front and I think that made it even more amazing. The second time was completely different due to their new sound and aesthetic. I think their stage productions make the shows what they are, it’s what their known for. The incredible colour and lighting set ups perfectly fit each and every song, and their image at the time. It’s stunning. I can’t wait to see what they put on next.

Next I have to mention The Vamps. A band extremely close to my heart. I’ve seen them live about 5 times now I think, and they get better every time. I know plenty of people who aren’t too fond of their music, but never fail to have an amazing time at their concerts. Personally, I prefer standing gigs, so it saddens me that they don’t really put on full small shows anymore due to their increasing popularity, but nevertheless their always incredible. They do occasionally put on small shows in between tours, which are always a lovely idea and a lot more intimate. The last time I saw The Vamps in April of this year was probably my favourite. It was the last show of the UK leg of their world tour, and all of the crew and support acts were pranking the boys during their songs etc. and The Vamps themselves pranked one of the support acts. It made the show so memorable and showed how at the end of the day, celebrities are just as normal as the rest of us. Overall my opinion is bias but Brad’s live vocals cannot be faulted, along with James and Connor’s. Tristan’s drum solos are incredible also.

Another close to my heart is Cody Simpson. Not a lot of people have heard of him, unless their friends with me anyway. He’s an Australian singer who has recently started his own record label to create the music he truly wants to and not what the industry is forcing. I love that not many people know about him, because his gigs are such a good size and in nice, small, chilled venues. I’ve seen him live twice now; once in July 2014 and then last in May 2015 (right before my first exam, oops, priorities.) The second was probably my favourite because I got right to the front and it was a good-sized venue. He was performing new songs no one had heard so it was a very relaxed setting, not too many screaming fan girls, besides myself… He always puts on amazing performances and is incredibly talented. I do wish he got more credit and publicity, even if it meant sacrificing the small intimate gigs, because he is so underrated. His vocals are incredible with nice soothing tones. Cody is also an amazing guitar player, the solos I have seen him perform were breathtaking.

Finally I have to mention Little Mix. How anyone can fault them and their talent and their performances literally shocks me. It’s an invalid argument. A losing battle. These four girls are undeniably outstanding at what they do. I have seen Little Mix three times. The first time was at ‘Key 103’s Summer Live’ and it’s incredible how far they’ve come since them. If you haven’t seen their recent performance at ‘Capital’s Summertime Ball’ I’m going to link it below, along with some other video’s of people I have mentioned. But it is amazing how huge this girl group has gotten. Their live performances make anyone want to get up and dance, or attempt to belt the high notes that no one can hit except Perrie Edwards. All of the girl’s have incredible voices, Perrie’s especially are second to none. How could Zayn let that one get away? But honestly each and every time I see them they give it 110% and more.

I think it’s safe to say concerts are what I live for. There’s nothing better. Especially with a good crowd, a good crowd means a good concert. It may even mean new friends which is an even bigger plus. As I was writing this post I was thinking, what are my top 5 songs I’ve seen performed live? I think I’ve whittled it down;

5. Can We Dance by The Vamps – always goes down well considering it was their first song. 4. Settle Down by The 1975 – a much-loved song off their first album that receives an amazing reception from the crowd. 3. Secret Love Song by Little Mix – I get goosebumps from their vocals every time I witness this, never mind being in the same room. 2. ABC by Cody Simpson – I listen to the live version of this on Spotify and it is just so so good. 1. Rest Your Love by The Vamps – my favourite song on their second album so I’m obviously going to love seeing this performed live.

If this isn’t your type of music I deeply apologise, but honestly watch some of these live performances and you’ll see the talent I’m talking about;

Can We Dance – The Vamps // The 1975 – Settle Down (skip to 1.15) // Little Mix – Secret Love Song // Cody Simpson – ABC // Rest Your Love – The Vamps

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