Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Staples.

It’s already October??!! This year has flown by and I cannot believe it, however I’m so excited that it’s winter, my favourite months for holidays and activities and clothing, so let’s jump straight in.

We have entered the A/W clothing season and boy am I ready for it. I adore clothing in the cold seasons, gives me an excuse to wrap up in oversized jumpers and look trampier for college than I usually do. But, in all seriousness, there are many items in my Winter wardrobe I couldn’t do it without. (And a few everyone’s loving this season that I still need to purchase myself. But I’m not ready to break my bank account just yet.(I mean honestly my missguided wishlist is the length of my arm.)) ANYWAY onto the staples.

A cosy oversized hoodie is 100% top of the list. And I mean a fresh new one, not your old favourite which I can guarantee is either a school leavers hoodie or five years old – I can relate. Everyone’s roaming around in the Topshop mauve one (which I may have bought a dupe of from Primark for £6. Side note: New Look also have a dupe incase you’re not Topshop dollar prepared) however I can assure you there are plenty of other nice ones – that I will most definitely be purchasing. If they don’t have one that tickles your pickle and your bank balance in Primark then I must have failed you. Personally I’m not a cropped hoodie lover but whatever you fancy you need a hoodie.

Next up: boots. Whether you’re a typical chelsea boot lover, more of a platform style or a cheeky thigh high, boots are the way to go. Even UGG boots are an essential this time of year. I mean come on, who doesn’t love a pair of shoes you could more than likely leave the house wearing slipper socks under. Boots are the perfect winter shoe. Dress them up or down, they work come rain snow or shine and they go with pretty much anything. I love the range in New Look, they have every style of boot you could possibly wish for. A nice stiletto heeled/more dressy pair of boots may be another necessary style for those winter scenes on the town. Don’t want cold toesies now do we. Knee highs and Thigh highs are looking incredible this season, I really want to add some to my wardrobe.

I adore Jumper dresses this season, I just haven’t quite found the perfect one yet. A jumper dress with some knee high boots, one big fat yes! Honestly the A/W look I’m personally aiming to have down by the time it’s over, this is the goal I am aiming for. I’m not quite sure what style I’m looking for yet, whether it be knitwear or off the shoulder etc etc. But until I have either the money or the items in my wardrobe, one can only wish and advise the lucky ones. Slay this outfit and I and so many others will envy you.

An indefinite staple for nights out at this time of year has to be a (faux) leather skirt. Whether it be black or not, short or longer, these skirts pair so easily with anything and everything and can be reworn so many times throughout the season. I have a lovely grey one on my wish list from Missguided (shocker) which they do in a variety of colours and styles. I also find New Look stock a nice range of skirts, I find them to be more casual A-Lines (which would be adorable day to day with a bodysuit or a jumper) however I don’t see why faux leather wouldn’t be appearing on their rails soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Now whether it be a jumper, long or short sleeved top, bodysuit or dress, I love a good turtleneck. There’s nothing better than being snuggly and warm while you’re out and about in the cold months without having to layer up extra scarves and snoods. Again they’re easily paired with anything depending on your personal style but I cannot stress how good they feel to wear. Here’s a few ideas to dress it up or dress down. If you’re unsure on turtlenecks, don’t want them too tight and restricting, have a look at some roll neck items, a bit looser but just as cosy.

Finally we have my favourite section of Winter attire; PYJAMAS! Winter PJs are my absolute fave thing in the world. Picking out new pyjamas for Christmas Eve is the best. Personally, you need to go one size too big and the fluffier the better, and don’t miss out on a onesie. Again, Primark PJs, do not ignore, they are the best and so affordable. I’d buy a new pair every week of the season if I could. I definitely buy at least four new sets come winter time. AND how could I almost forget fluffy socks?! Fluffy socks, slipper socks, bed socks, whatever you want to call them, I tend to go by ‘the best thing man created since sliced bread’. If you go through A/W without a pair of bed socks, we cannot be friends…

Well that’s it for a few of my A/W staples. There are a few more and some obvious ones but I couldn’t go on forever, I’d have linked the whole Missguided website and listed Primark’s stock take. Yeah I’m cheap we get it. Hope this helps anyone struggling for their wardrobe this season. In terms of halloween inspiration I’m currently no use, but if I come into some luck there may be a post to help.

Side note: Today (10/10/2016) is World Mental Health Day so please spread any awareness you can. Mental health is way too misunderstood and overlooked in this day and age and the more we can do to prevent that and help more people, the better. Get on your social media and share #WorldMentalHealthDay. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. And if you’re struggling, don’t suffer in silence. (Anyone who has no one to talk to my socials are linked in the sidebar:-)

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Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials

Now I haven’t done a post with any fashion content yet, and it’s a big interest of mine, so now is the time to fill my fix. I’m going to list the things I deem to be essentials this Summer, mostly clothes but some other things also. Some of the items included have an either/or depending on whether you’re stuck in Britain or jetting off somewhere lovely.

In your Summer wardrobe its ideal to put together a collection of mix and match items, that will all work well both together and apart. And if you really want your money’s worth, items that could work with jeans etc when Summer draws to a close.

An obvious essential is a good pair of denim shorts, for both home (optimistically) and abroad. I picked up a lovely pair from Missguided a few weeks ago. These are lovely because they are high-waisted, which is the style I feel most comfortable in, and don’t rise too high around the bum, sitting nicely at the upper thigh. Topshop and New Look do some of a similar style but you can see the ones I bought here. They keep being thrown in and out of their Summer sales so keep an eye out, or use the 20% student discount they have on at the minute if you can.

Now literally anything goes with denim shorts. Flimsy tops are good to have around Summer, in neutral colours that you can throw with what you want. Most shops have Summer sales on at the minute with some fab bargains. I got a really nice floral cami top in the New Look sale for £3 so it’s worth having a look. Whatever your style there will be good summer tops for you, whether it be a few casual crops that can be dressed up or dressed down, slogan tees or camis, there is something there that you can pair with everything in your Summer wardrobe, from skirts to jeans.

Moving on to the bottom half of the body, again completely dependant on your style. For me I don’t wear anything too revealing in the country, so these cropped leggings I found, again on missguided, might be something I need to purchase to get out of my black ones and feel a little more in the Summer spirit. However, if I was looking to venture outside of my comfort zone (unlikely) or purchase for holiday (likely), skirts and ‘flimsy shorts’ are the way forward. A basic skirt or pair of shorts can go a long way and be used in a variety of different outfits. Like these floaty shorts on Pretty Little Thing sold in a variety of colours at only £6. However, as the good old British weather isn’t looking very promising, no surprise there, I’m considering buying some light blue jeans, to attempt to feel Summery amidst the rain, so this may also be an option. Or, if you fancy wearing shorts or a skirt but can’t find a top to match, playsuits and Summer dresses are never a wrong turn, day time or night-time, they’re a perfect go to in a moment of crisis. Topshop have some lovely ones on sale at the minute like the one Caroline Flack wore on Love Island the other week (I can’t find the link but will edit it in when I do).

Swimwear. This is a tricky one. Or it used to be. There are so many different styles out there nowadays to suit anyone no matter your body type or confidence. The annoying thing I’m finding online at the minute is that all the cheapest options are bikini bottoms/tops without a matching set, and personally I like a matching set. Either that or they have all these awkward cut outs and tassels and straps that will look very silly with the amazing tan I plan on achieving. I think this one is a case of personal preference and a good search online and in store.

I’d like to hope a jacket isn’t needed in this season, but with Britain, or even abroad, cold nights are the worst. In this case I’d recommend either a good denim jacket, thin cardigan, or even a flannel. Flannel shirts are fab for tying an outfit together or flinging on over one to take off later. They can also be a good accessory when tied round the waist. A good multi functional buy, can’t go wrong. Just make sure you buy a good colour, with Summer tones but not too bright it’s hard to match with other things. Forever 21 and ASOS have some fab ones in stock.

Shoes. For going abroad flip-flops or sandals are a must. Primark have some good ones in stock, that don’t cost a fortune, as do New Look. I also think wedges are a good pair to have for nights out at home and abroad. Nude or white would be a wise choice to make. At home also some Summer trainers would be good. I have some Adidas Superstars on my wishlist, with the three stripes in a light pink or blue for the next few months (and these could be worn all year round too – but freshly white would be lovely in Summer.) Fresh white, or another bright colour, trainers can really pull together Summer outfits, so definitely consider a purchase.

Off the topic of clothes now, a good foundation would be another one of my Summer essentials. If you’re a lucky bugger whose skin clears in the sun, but still want some light coverage, I’d consider a BB cream or the Bourjois Healthy Mix. If you still want full coverage in the Summer months, I’ve been using the L’Oreal Infallible Matte after many recommendations, and I’m loving it. Just don’t forget to buy it a shade or two darker for that tan, we don’t want a bronzed bod and a ghost face.

Other quick essentials would be some sunglasses that fit your face well, a good-sized bag for either going out or the airport etc. Also a good book to read in all this free time, in bed or in the sun or both, for some of my recommendations have a look here. Another good thing to have would be a good playlist you won’t get bored with within the next two months and has some good Summer songs on it.

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Prom Tips for 2016!

It’s that time again! The dress is ready, the tan is set and the nails are dry. It’s prom season! I can’t believe it’s June if I’m honest, meaning it’s been a year since my own prom. My best friend is prepping for hers on Friday, and I know thousands of other 16-year olds across the country will be midway with appointments for their own. That’s why I decided I’m going to give you some of the best Prom Day tips I can think of, especially those that I would use if I were to have a do over on my own prom!

(Obviously had to cheekily drop in some pictures from prom, oops..)

First of all get plenty of sleep. I know the night before you will be nervous etc etc, but honestly sleep, sleep, SLEEP! You don’t want to hit that wall half way through the night where all you want to do is go to sleep, especially if you have an after party planned! You need to be prepared for a full 8 hours on the go, minimum.

Next thing, drink plenty of water and eat throughout the day. I know this sounds so typical and motherly but it can easily be forgotten or pushed aside in the excitement of the day. Either that or it can be purposefully pushed aside due to fears associated with a certain dress. Please don’t be silly! Having some soup for your lunch is not going to make you gain 3 stone and make you not fit in your dress. (Disclaimer: food at my prom wasn’t very nice so this may be the last thing you eat for a while, if anything, stock up!)

Now for hair. Make sure you have plenty of hairspray. Try and take a mini can with you if it will fit in your bag, or at least reapply before you leave and at pre-prom events. If your appointment is quite early, this definitely applies! If you’re having your hair curled, ask your stylist to pin the curls up so they don’t drop out quickly. If you’re going for an updo, take extra grips with you to prom and your other appointments.

With make-up you should ideally have this as your last appointment. Assuming you’ve had a trial make sure you definitely love what you’re having done, ask for any changes if you’re unsure, you don’t want to regret it. In this area I’d probably only recommend using a setting spray or hair spray which your MUA will definitely ensure. And take lipstick with you to reapply. Again if there’s room in your handbag, a little powder can go a long way if the venue is warm.

So now you’ve ate, had your hair done, make up is done, dress is on, you’re feeling so refreshed from all the sleep and water you’ve had, and you’re just mastering that perfect walk in those extremely high heels, you’re almost good to go! Just a few final things;

  • Don’t be hard on yourself. You look incredible, and you should feel it! Prom should be a day to feel like a princess, so don’t put yourself down as anything less. Don’t compare yourself to your classmates because everyone is different, and you’re slaying just as much as they are.
  • Stay calm! I remember so well how much me and my friends were panicking in our limo ride. We spent half the time singing and half the time stressing about not being able to get out, or falling over, or ripping our dress, or all of the above. Fun fact: I was getting so het up about everything when we were waiting outside watching everyone arrive, that I fainted! That and the heat… Embarrassing!! Definitely wouldn’t wish THAT on anyone!
  • Take loooooads of pictures, and make sure you have your pose ready. It sounds awful but spontaneity is not your friend in this situation, test some poses out so you know you’re going to love all the pictures you get – I hate most of mine. Make sure you get pictures of yourself and your dress as well because you will definitely want those I can say from experienced deprivation. You will want all these pictures to look back on, you can never take too many!
  • Make sure you wear a napkin if you get a meal at your prom. We don’t want to see gravy stains in between diamantes.
  • Have fun! You only get one prom so make the most of it! One thing I hated at prom was that barely anyone was up dancing, and dancing always makes for a great night, so try to get some classics on and get everyone up. Don’t let anyone else there ruin your time, bitchiness needs to be left outside the door.

I’m sure you’ve heard most of this before but hopefully it was some help to you if you’re worried. One thing I would say is prom might not be what you expect, but this may also depend on your school and where you live, but I hope no one is disappointed! Hope you all have an amazing day, feel free to link me to any prom pictures because I love it and may do a future post about dresses!

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An Introduction..

Hello there.

SO, it has taken me a very long time to do this but I am finally posting one of my 64528394 drafted blog posts from the past two years. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for such a long time, but whether it be college or courage, something has always been in the way.

Anyway, I thought I’d open my blog with a cliche ten things about me, until I realised my life isn’t interesting enough to list ten things… Instead, I’m just going to write a little bit about me and my interests and some things you can hopefully expect from this blog.

As you have probably gathered my name is Niamh, I am 17 years old and from good old Manchester, UK. I’d like to describe myself as creative, bubbly and sadly highly opinionated. I have a huge interest in fashion as when I was younger my biggest dream was to be a fashion designer. Oh how naive. Make-up is also a developing interest of mine so I may try and include some of that here.

I am also a TV addict, binge watching TV series is both my best talent and worst hobby. My favourites have to be One Tree Hill (RIP), Pretty Little Liars and How to Get Away with Murder, among many others, all of which will most likely be making appearances on this blog.

Another big interest of mine is music. It saddens me to admit that I am a hardcore fan girl, long overdue retirement, but too far past caring. The Vamps and Cody Simpson are those I have fallen to, so again expect to see them pop up every now and again. However, looking past those, my music taste does vary widely from pop princess Ariana Grande to bands like Catfish and the Bottlemen.

Well that was a short but sweet introduction to this blog, and hopefully enough to gain some readers. I’m going to aim to update this blog as regularly as possible although I haven’t set a date to that yet. But hey, if you’re reading this, a blog draft finally got posted, so I’m slowly making progress, and this is most likely me now..