2016 Favourites

Hello 2017. *Insert obligatory new year new me shit here.* Let’s be honest, these next few months will 100% be me trying to post and drowning in college work instead. I am trying to find a weekly upload time that I will actually stick to, because to be honest it would be nice for this blog to actually go somewhere rather than the bedrooms of me and everyone I beg to read. Hi Facebook friends lots of love xxx


But back to obligatory writings, and my favourite things of 2016. I have a lot of areas to cover and things to include, let me know if you want info on anything else and any posts you want from me in the comments, and let’s jump straight in.

As a music lover and concert addict, although my concert count for last year was lower than usual, this year should definitely make up for that. But last year’s albums made up for it too. Even though it only came out in November, Little Mix’s Glory Days was DEFINITELY my favourite album of the year. It’s just full of feel good catchy songs, like the girls always are, and no one can deny these four are dropping banger after banger at the moment. The album does not disappoint. I also can’t go without mentioning Illuminate by Shawn Mendes. B e a u t i f u l. Wow. I mean this boy has achieved many of my life goals and is only a few months older than me. His album reflects his passion and talent and I cannot wait to see him put it all on stage in April. James Arthur’s album Back from the Edge was another album full of talent and passion, but held a deeper meaning, connecting with his struggles with mental health, so many of the songs would definitely reassure someone of the same position. His songs are just so easy to listen to and love. Trying to sing them however… give me a few more weeks and a little bit of heartbreak. And finally I can’t not mention Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande. Every album mentioned features insane voices and Ariana’s definitely comes to match. Her songs have the same feeling as LM with feel good songs for women that are a little bit PG when appropriate, if you know what I mean. I could probably list you all four of these album track lists in order because this is all I had on repeat in 2016.

Now TV addict Niamh watched some fab series in 2016. It can go without saying I loved Stranger Things, but I can’t bring myself to write what everyone else has. NBC’s Chicago PD has been amazing this past season. I used to love The Bill and this has that sort of esq to it with police drama, it also has one of my favourite actresses (Sophia Bush) and onscreen couples and I just can’t not love it. Now ABC has the best Thursday night TV on planet earth and it deeply upsets me that I’m not American and cannot fully appreciate it. Instead I have to wait and watch it … other ways. (On Netflix in like 8 years YAWN no, I’ll drop you some links wink wink.) ((If I never post again here is why.)) ANYWAY they air Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder and Grey’s Anatomy all in one night and honestly that is just the best night of TV ever. If you’re American and don’t appreciate that then never talk to me. When I go to New York in March I actually might just stay in the hotel on the Thursday to live my dream. Big plans. These three TV shows have produced such amazing seasons for 2016 and I can’t wait to see what this year brings. If you’ve never watched any of these shows I can safely say you’re missing out, every single one is 10/10 trust me. (And the first seasons of some are on Netflix I think lol.)  Now as much as I love PLL 2016 shall not be discussed as there were some good eps there were many… many pointless ones and for that I pray that these last 10 in April do one of my favourite programmes justice.

In terms of films I’d not seen many new ones last year, although the list of ones I’ve wanted to see has been as long as my arm. One I did see and LOVED was London has fallen. I love the first film Olympus has fallen and even though it was basically the same storyline, it’s a genre I just love. Along with White House Down, films where they try to attack the president etc, although scary, are always so so good. I definitely think I can be more of an Action film kind of girl, than chick flicks, but I do love a good chick flick. I did see Me before You aswell and cried a bit but not as much as I expected. It was a really lovely film though, definitely worth a girly night in watch. I only read a few books too, I read Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour on holiday, and really loved how realistic it seemed. It wasn’t a rushed and forced love story, and it was really original from things I’ve read before. Similarly on originality was We Were Liars. Oh. My. GOD. READ THIS BOOK. I read it all in one night, I didn’t go to sleep until 4am because I was so addicted. I can’t even explain it because I’ll give it away. Just read it. It was amazing.

Finally for the chunk we’ve all been waiting for. Make-up. I purchased a set of Morphe brushes this year off beauty bay for such a good price and I don’t think I can fault them. I’m no make-up expert, as much as I’d love to be or say I am, but it is safe too say that they do the job. My two ride or die eyeshadow palettes have been Fortune Favours the Brave by Makeup Revolution which you can read about here, and, even though I only got it for Christmas, Too Faced’s Chocolate Bon Bon palette is my life! Just so amazing both of them I cannot fault either product or price. Another palette I have loved has been the Sleek Face Contour Kit in Light. It comes with a lovely powder contour which is so easy to blend and a champagne highlight, which I find can rub off a bit of makeup sometimes but overall is good and a gorgeous shade. The Falsies mascara by Maybelline was originally a love hate relationship but now is definitely a love, considering I have naturally long lashes it’s hard to find a none-clumpy mascara, but this one just adds that last bit of length they need. And finally I can’t not mention NYX liquid lipsticks. Whether their suede, lingerie or soft matte creams, once I got the hang of applying them, none of them have disappointed me. The suede ones are probably my favourite, but they only have two natural-ish shades which is upsetting. Dear NYX please make more.

Well that was quite the ramble, no change there of course. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Stick to those resolutions you’re going great, do it for me because I’m definitely not.

Thanks for reading. Until next time.

A Merry Little Update and a Few Things I’m Loving.

Starting this blog post much like the last one, with a month’s distance between and a ‘long time no see’. And I wish I had more of an excuse. To be honest I’ve been avoiding blogging almost as much as I’ve been avoiding college work. After an 8 week-long term any ounce of energy left in me has just about got me out of bed, and I’m not even being dramatic. My motivation is at an all time low but I’ve decided to be cliché, but actually, really, seriously, stick to it. New year, new me. Gag. I can’t believe I just wrote that. But seriously I need to get my arse in gear, but I feel like this next week of festivities and sleep is just too good an opportunity and a poor time to attempt to shift out of neutral. Only the new year makes sense. By then my organisation is going to be tip-top, with college work and revision at its peak because otherwise it’s bye-bye university, and hopefully regular blog updates (fingers crossed) because I’ve missed this a lot.


When I was younger I don’t think I ever thought my life would be this chaotic at 17. Balancing college and a part-time come full-time job is not as easy as I once thought it might be. And then Christmas comes around. I still can’t believe it’s the eve of Christmas Eve. Wasn’t September last week? It got to last weekend before I realised it was almost a week away and I had bought n o t h i n g! It was a chaotic day of last-minute shopping and wrapping but I’m finally organised. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much money leave my bank account in one month. Bye-bye Niamh treats for a while. But it’s all worth it. Now that I earn my own money there’s nothing I love more than giving my family presents that I’ve bought and thought about. And there’s no moment I love more than waking up in my new PJ’s on Christmas Day, even if it never feels like Christmas any more. I’d love to be 5 again.

Anyways so in my avoidance of life I’ve spent most of my time wrapped up in a cocoon in the cave I call bed. I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix and I am LOVING it. So so good. It’s such an easy watch and one of those TV shows where you fall so in love with some of the characters and relationships. What’s not to like? I’ve also been listening to Little Mix’s new album Glory Days on repeat. It’s quite bad really. Not the album, my obsession. You know when you get to that point that you’ve listened to Spotify shuffle an album so many times you know what song is going to come on next. But it’s just so good. If you haven’t listened to it already then where have you been, I mean at least I’ve been in a cultured cave.

Now occasionally I’ll watch videos on YouTube and I have a few people I rarely miss a video of. However this month has been ridiculous with about 40 new videos a day so I haven’t really been on it. When I have made that dreaded click I always land on Hannah Renee or Rachel Leary’s videos for some good gift inspiration or more than likely some holiday make up looks and some make up recommendations to add to the Christmas list. These two girls are so amazing at make up however that it gets to the point I don’t even want to bother attempting any of it because it’ll just be a lost cause. But we can watch and dream. If you need any Xmas or NYE night out looks for the next week I’d definitely give them a peep. In all this free time (that was guiltily not supposed to be free) I’m gutted that I’ve not had any books to read, but once Santa has hopefully dropped some new books off I’m aiming to squeeze them in, in my week of freedom. I’m also aiming to write about the best books I’ve read this year next week, fingers crossed.

Now I couldn’t do this much blabbing without mentioning some classic Christmas films I’ve watched to fill my time. I watched The Grinch for the first time all the way through with my cousin and sister the other day and loved it a lot more than I thought I would. I also watched Arthur Christmas for the first time yesterday and I think that definitely comes to the top end of my favourite films, I loved the elves in it. I only have a short amount of time left before the big day though and I’ve not watched Elf or The Holiday yet which I’m pretty upset about, so I definitely need to find some time to squeeze that in otherwise it definitely won’t feel like Christmas. But don’t worry, I’ve already watched Home Alone and Nativity! Twice.

Well that’s enough babbling from me, but it was good to write for the first time in a long time. Next week I will definitely be posting a ‘Year of Favourites’ about my favourite things this year. But for now..

Thanks for reading. Until next time.

Five Fave Reads.

Five Fave Reads.

So the other day I was cleaning up my book cupboard and I never realised how much I had in there. The majority is books from when I was younger, which I may plan to feature in a future post, however it also gave me the idea for this one.

As I was writing this I came to realise I probably need to re-read all my favourite books, to reignite my love and probably give a better review, but hey I did my best.
Here are my top five favourite books I’ve ever read. They’re all your typical love story based novels, sadly. I am also interested in mystery and suspense stories, but I’m yet to find one to top these five favourites. Any suggestions please let me know in the comments!

No. 5

The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

Technically I’m cheating, counting three books as one, but allow it, please? I absolutely ADORE these books. Lately there are a few series out there with a similar storyline, I’m yet to read these but I’ve seen the films. Anyway I like to see the Hunger Games as the original. In my opinion, the books are a lot better than the films, although the films are incredible; I always prefer a book, in most cases anyway. Suzanne Collins is an amazing writer, and I love the whole world and idea of games she created. If you haven’t read these books, or you’ve only seen the films, you’re missing out. I don’t know how it would feel to read a book after seeing the film, as I’ve only ever done it the other way round, so it might give a different perspective. Even so I’d definitely give these books a go.

No. 4

Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Leuithan

Now I’m a big fan of John Green, he’s such a talented human in my opinion. This book was so interesting because it was written by two writers. David Leuithan is another fabulous writer and I have some of his own books on my reading list to try out. The story is based on two boys with the same name, each chapter alternating on whose perspective it is (and who is writing). Now as confusing as it may sound, and admittedly it is confusing at first to read, it is insanely cleverly done. As you begin to wrap your head around who is who and how the stories are beginning to intertwine, it is so good. I think I love the originality of it, because personally I’ve never read anything like it. The story is also lovely and realistic. The ideas behind it could potentially be based on real events. But honestly if you’re looking for something different in the way it is written, I highly recommend.

No. 3

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

I only finished reading this book the other day, and it was so beautifully heartbreaking. It is compared to ‘The Fault in our Stars’ and I can see why, but it isn’t too similar. I have just read, again, that this is being made into a film, and I really hope they don’t mess it up.  The story line is quite dark as it is based on a boy struggling with mental illness and suicide, and a girl coping with her sister’s death. This may sound quite off-putting, but a line on the cover shows the exact beauty behind the story; “The story of a girl who learns to live from a boy who wants to die”. The pair go on incredible adventures and share a love that’s so deep and unique, it is admirable considering their lives. It shows how the pair are no longer just surviving, but living, and in the best way. Jennifer Niven has captured a lovely story in such a heart wrenching way, but it is so hard not to love this book, and the characters within it.

No. 2

Looking for Alaska by John Green

John Green again, but as I’ve said, I love him. And it’s another beautiful piece on his behalf. They’re apparently making this book into a film, which worries me a lot. This is my favourite John Green book and I’d hate to see it not captured well enough. Personally, “Paper Towns” was a shamble of a film and miles better as a book. After the success of “The Fault in our Stars”, that actually met expectations as both film and book, a lot of John’s stories are being tested on the big screen. I’m hoping for big thing for this film and definitely do not want to be disappointed. Green manages to capture a lot of realism within his stories, which is what I think makes them so love-able and easy to read. This is definitely one of his best pieces

No. 1

Where Rainbows End by Cecilia Ahern

I acquired this book quite accidentally to be honest. I was on holiday and had run out of books to read as it was my last day, so I picked up this one from the hotel reception, and could not put it down, so snuck it home with me. Cecilia Ahern is best known for writing “PS, I Love You” but I definitely prefer this. Everyone I have leant this book to has loved it just as much as me! Now as I was writing this, I was ready to compare the story to film “Love, Rosie”, until Google helped me to realise that they’re the SAME THING. I don’t know how I never realised that the two were so similar because they’re the exact same thing. As I said at the start of this post, I could do with re-reading to refresh my memory. Even so this is my all time favourite book (and coincidentally one of my favourite films – which now makes sense). SO if you love the film then definitely read the book as I did years ago, it is written so lovely and contains other written elements like messaging chats and letters which helps you to get more involved in the story. The book does lead into later life than the film, but it exaggerates the message of the story further;

“Sometimes fate just can’t stop meddling…”

Sorry if this post was a bit of a waffle, but I was really in the mood to write a new post. When I’ve re-read these books I may re-write this. I hope what I’ve said about each makes sense and encourages you to read at least one of them, because honestly they’re all so incredible. If you do or already have, feel free to comment or send me your opinions. Also recommend me some books because my ‘To Read’ list is falling short.

Please drop me a follow if you enjoyed this post, or even if I bored you to tears. Also take a look at my Twitter and Instagram – @_niamhyx

Thanks for reading. Until next time.

An Introduction..

Hello there.

SO, it has taken me a very long time to do this but I am finally posting one of my 64528394 drafted blog posts from the past two years. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for such a long time, but whether it be college or courage, something has always been in the way.

Anyway, I thought I’d open my blog with a cliche ten things about me, until I realised my life isn’t interesting enough to list ten things… Instead, I’m just going to write a little bit about me and my interests and some things you can hopefully expect from this blog.

As you have probably gathered my name is Niamh, I am 17 years old and from good old Manchester, UK. I’d like to describe myself as creative, bubbly and sadly highly opinionated. I have a huge interest in fashion as when I was younger my biggest dream was to be a fashion designer. Oh how naive. Make-up is also a developing interest of mine so I may try and include some of that here.

I am also a TV addict, binge watching TV series is both my best talent and worst hobby. My favourites have to be One Tree Hill (RIP), Pretty Little Liars and How to Get Away with Murder, among many others, all of which will most likely be making appearances on this blog.

Another big interest of mine is music. It saddens me to admit that I am a hardcore fan girl, long overdue retirement, but too far past caring. The Vamps and Cody Simpson are those I have fallen to, so again expect to see them pop up every now and again. However, looking past those, my music taste does vary widely from pop princess Ariana Grande to bands like Catfish and the Bottlemen.

Well that was a short but sweet introduction to this blog, and hopefully enough to gain some readers. I’m going to aim to update this blog as regularly as possible although I haven’t set a date to that yet. But hey, if you’re reading this, a blog draft finally got posted, so I’m slowly making progress, and this is most likely me now..