Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Staples.

It’s already October??!! This year has flown by and I cannot believe it, however I’m so excited that it’s winter, my favourite months for holidays and activities and clothing, so let’s jump straight in.

We have entered the A/W clothing season and boy am I ready for it. I adore clothing in the cold seasons, gives me an excuse to wrap up in oversized jumpers and look trampier for college than I usually do. But, in all seriousness, there are many items in my Winter wardrobe I couldn’t do it without. (And a few everyone’s loving this season that I still need to purchase myself. But I’m not ready to break my bank account just yet.(I mean honestly my missguided wishlist is the length of my arm.)) ANYWAY onto the staples.

A cosy oversized hoodie is 100% top of the list. And I mean a fresh new one, not your old favourite which I can guarantee is either a school leavers hoodie or five years old – I can relate. Everyone’s roaming around in the Topshop mauve one (which I may have bought a dupe of from Primark for £6. Side note: New Look also have a dupe incase you’re not Topshop dollar prepared) however I can assure you there are plenty of other nice ones – that I will most definitely be purchasing. If they don’t have one that tickles your pickle and your bank balance in Primark then I must have failed you. Personally I’m not a cropped hoodie lover but whatever you fancy you need a hoodie.

Next up: boots. Whether you’re a typical chelsea boot lover, more of a platform style or a cheeky thigh high, boots are the way to go. Even UGG boots are an essential this time of year. I mean come on, who doesn’t love a pair of shoes you could more than likely leave the house wearing slipper socks under. Boots are the perfect winter shoe. Dress them up or down, they work come rain snow or shine and they go with pretty much anything. I love the range in New Look, they have every style of boot you could possibly wish for. A nice stiletto heeled/more dressy pair of boots may be another necessary style for those winter scenes on the town. Don’t want cold toesies now do we. Knee highs and Thigh highs are looking incredible this season, I really want to add some to my wardrobe.

I adore Jumper dresses this season, I just haven’t quite found the perfect one yet. A jumper dress with some knee high boots, one big fat yes! Honestly the A/W look I’m personally aiming to have down by the time it’s over, this is the goal I am aiming for. I’m not quite sure what style I’m looking for yet, whether it be knitwear or off the shoulder etc etc. But until I have either the money or the items in my wardrobe, one can only wish and advise the lucky ones. Slay this outfit and I and so many others will envy you.

An indefinite staple for nights out at this time of year has to be a (faux) leather skirt. Whether it be black or not, short or longer, these skirts pair so easily with anything and everything and can be reworn so many times throughout the season. I have a lovely grey one on my wish list from Missguided (shocker) which they do in a variety of colours and styles. I also find New Look stock a nice range of skirts, I find them to be more casual A-Lines (which would be adorable day to day with a bodysuit or a jumper) however I don’t see why faux leather wouldn’t be appearing on their rails soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Now whether it be a jumper, long or short sleeved top, bodysuit or dress, I love a good turtleneck. There’s nothing better than being snuggly and warm while you’re out and about in the cold months without having to layer up extra scarves and snoods. Again they’re easily paired with anything depending on your personal style but I cannot stress how good they feel to wear. Here’s a few ideas to dress it up or dress down. If you’re unsure on turtlenecks, don’t want them too tight and restricting, have a look at some roll neck items, a bit looser but just as cosy.

Finally we have my favourite section of Winter attire; PYJAMAS! Winter PJs are my absolute fave thing in the world. Picking out new pyjamas for Christmas Eve is the best. Personally, you need to go one size too big and the fluffier the better, and don’t miss out on a onesie. Again, Primark PJs, do not ignore, they are the best and so affordable. I’d buy a new pair every week of the season if I could. I definitely buy at least four new sets come winter time. AND how could I almost forget fluffy socks?! Fluffy socks, slipper socks, bed socks, whatever you want to call them, I tend to go by ‘the best thing man created since sliced bread’. If you go through A/W without a pair of bed socks, we cannot be friends…

Well that’s it for a few of my A/W staples. There are a few more and some obvious ones but I couldn’t go on forever, I’d have linked the whole Missguided website and listed Primark’s stock take. Yeah I’m cheap we get it. Hope this helps anyone struggling for their wardrobe this season. In terms of halloween inspiration I’m currently no use, but if I come into some luck there may be a post to help.

Side note: Today (10/10/2016) is World Mental Health Day so please spread any awareness you can. Mental health is way too misunderstood and overlooked in this day and age and the more we can do to prevent that and help more people, the better. Get on your social media and share #WorldMentalHealthDay. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. And if you’re struggling, don’t suffer in silence. (Anyone who has no one to talk to my socials are linked in the sidebar:-)

Thanks for reading. Until next time.

Staying Positive.

Hello hello. Long time no see.

So school is back in session and it’s not the happiest time of year. The looming feeling on a Sunday and waking up early on a Monday has returned so fast I don’t think anyone was physically ready for Summer to come to a close as soon as it did.

However, I for one am trying to look on the brighter side of things and get myself into a nice positive mindset for what is going to be a stressful year ahead. I’m one week into my second year at college and I already feel like my brain could explode at any second, but I’m still aiming to stay positive. On that note here are my top tips for keeping a positive mindset!

  1. For me, organisation is important. If I feel like I’m organised and know what I’m doing and when and keeping on top of all my work, the relief is a treat in itself. Stress brings about negative vibes so relieve yourself by creating a weekly timetable showing what you’re going to do and when. This applies if you’re working/at school/at college. Also sometimes I tend to feel like my thoughts can disorganise me and stress me out. (Over thinking is our worst enemy am I right?) To deal with this I keep a notebook next to my bed and a notes page open on my phone just to jot down whatever I’m thinking about that may be bothering me or that I feel I need to solve or arrange, if that makes sense? A tidy mind is a happy mind.
  2. Next up I definitely advise to stop comparing yourself to others. Whether this be someone’s hair, figure, face, ability, knowledge, DON’T DO IT! Everyone is different for a reason, and once you teach yourself that and become happy with who you are you can’t go wrong. If you want to change something about yourself then by all means do whatever makes you happy, but the comparison is the worst part and we can all do without it. Becoming accepting and happy with yourself is the first step to a positive mindset.
  3. Leading on from this, you’ve got to learn to accept your ‘faults’, or what you may deem to be faults. Now I’m not overweight but I’m not exactly the thinnest either, but that’s okay. I know for a fact that I’m too lazy to do anything about it properly. I exercise when I can but it’s not a regular routine, and I eat as healthily as I can too. However I don’t deny the fact that I love food, and I could never  properly diet and I definitely couldn’t keep the weight off that’s for sure. (Chocolate and Nandos comes before lettuce and celery in my books.) In coming to acceptance I learnt that I can dress to love how I look. We all have those certain jeans that make our bum look big, and certain tops that make our boobs look great. So find your jeans and top and love yourself. Acceptance is key.
  4. Do what makes you happy. This one is slightly hypocritical of me because there are a few things I still haven’t built up the balls to do, but beat me to the punch. For one, starting this blog and posting it for all to see was a big jump. Letting everyone know what goes on inside my head and leaving all to judge me freely was daunting, but I’m so glad I did it. It may be a risk but just take it. If in the end it doesn’t go to plan, it’s only a learning curve that will help you out in the future, trust me. If it could make you happy, just go ahead and do it!
  5. Finally I think learning to ignore what other people think is important. Only the people who matter the most to you have the opinions that truly matter, anyone else is irrelevant. Even so in saying that, if you’re happy and those people that matter are negative, their opinion doesn’t matter. Your happiness takes priority. If the people who are close to you cannot support what makes you happy then they’re not true friends – but that’s a whole other argument. What I’m trying to say is put your happiness before everyone else’s and if people cannot accept the fact you’re happy, or want to bring you down when you are, ignore them and be as ignorant as they apparently are. Getting rid of the negative things in life brings you one step closer to being positive.

I’m sure there are a few things I’ve forgotten but these are a few of the steps I personally have taken to feel happier within myself. If you are struggling with staying positive and need someone to talk to, feel free to message me on any form of social media (linked on the home page, instagram and twitter user is @_niamhyx, dms are open.) or speak to a friend/parent/teacher. If you would like to seek help from someone more professional see online and a doctor what help is out there, I will add links of anything useful I find.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and keep smiling.

Thanks for reading. Until next time.

PLL Mid Season Finale Thoughts

It’s been 2 days since the PLL Season 7A finale aired on Netflix and I’m still reeling, so I thought what better way to fully process the episode then write down my thoughts on here.


First of all I was super impressed with the episode, like overall it was everything the show had been missing throughout season 6. AND it had all the intensity the last A reveal was missing, which is partially disappointing to know they could have achieved something so much better in that episode if it was done right, but hey ho let’s move on.

After all the years I’ve spent watching this programme, and as sad as I am to see it coming to an end, it’s relieving to know (well, hope) that the last 10 episodes are going to be as amazing as that one, one can only dream. Because, to be honest, the show does need to end soon, the can’t drag it out much longer, so it only makes sense to end on the highest note possible and give the credit where it’s due for an overall amazing show. I’m hoping for a return of the season 3 and 4 vibes.

As with any PLL episode however, I feel like I left the episode with 100 more questions than I started it with; who shot Spencer? Why are Noel and Jenna defending Charlotte? What’s their motive? Why was Mary at the creepy house? Why was Sydney even needed in the ep? Marlene fought for that actress to star in PLL for a one line return? Really? Who’s Spencer’s dad? Is it the same as Charlotte’s? WHO IS A FREAKIN D????

Questions, questions, questions. And hopefully 7B gives the answers to all of these along with the many other questions left from previous seasons. (I still wanna know what happened to Eddie Lamb, give me answers Marlene King!)

On a brighter note, everyone’s favourite ships were in full swing, even if they were partially controversial (I mean seriously Caleb was with Spencer like two days ago and now Haleb have slept together – nice logic PLL!) BUT we all love Haleb, and they’re back. Spoby reunited in an emotional goodbye come Romeo and Juliet death story. Emison is alive and prospering, but Emily has like three girls on the go at the moment so we’ll see what happens there. And my emotions ran unnaturally high when a part of Ezria died thanks to Nicole (are we allowed to silently root for Jason? I think so.) With every silver lining comes a cloud right? So with every PLL ship comes its problems…

Spoby is sat under a pretty dark cloud right now with both of their lives seemingly hanging in the balance. However, I think we all know Spencer is going to live. Otherwise how is she going to find out about her messed up family tree? Toby is another story. It seems that Keegan Allen is making it too set in stone that his character is gone. He hasn’t snapchatted on set (much like Troian has been in the back of snaps – alive and well) and he’s tweeting a lot of ‘RIP Tobias’ etc. But Mr.Allen, I’m not looking past the fact your character has as many lives as a cat, and Janel also promoted the death of Mona which we all know was not real, so, who do we trust?

As per usual the PLL cast and crew have been unable to keep their mouths too shut in recent interviews post finale. Marlene (writer of PLL) let slip how hard it would be to make the call and kill off a character she loves so much – referring to Toby. They’ve also revealed we will be delving into Spencer’s past with her – we can’t do that if she’s dead. And it has been mentioned that the A.D reveal will not take place in the final episode and they’re nailing it down in the last 5, particularly episode 18.

Waiting until April for the show to return is not going to be very suspenseful if this lot keep their mouths open, however it’s unlikely they’ll give too much away, they DEFINITELY would not slip up to give away the identity of A.D. In my PLL world, I have a few final suspects and suspicions for the identity of A.D. I read a lot of theories on tumblr, some that are better than the actual script, they were in terms of the Charlotte reveal anyway. Personally, I’m all aboard the Wren train. His return to the show for 7B has been confirmed and all A.D signs have pointed towards him for a long time, if he isn’t at least involved, many of my questions for the entirety of the show will go unanswered. On the contrary, I would LOVE Mona to be the final A, PLL loves it full circles and this would be a perfect circle back to the original A. I also read a theory that Caleb is working with her, I will try to edit in links to all my favourite theories tomorrow. I do think Ali would be an interesting final A, and that could possibly link to the books. For me Wren is the shadiest character PLL has ever seen, Melissa would be too but it’s rumoured her schedule is too busy to return to PLL, so for her to have a major part is sadly looking unlikely. Lucas is problematic too, but I struggle to find a link with him. As I said I will try and link in some theories but have a look on tumblr and google if you have time, there are some incredibly clever and dedicated fans out there that will blow your mind.

On that note none of this will be apparent until April. I need to begin my torturous eight month countdown whilst I re watch the show pretending I know how to look for clues and that I can figure this show out.

If you have any thoughts or theories, or have read any good ones, please let me know in the comments, I’d love to read them. Please like/follow/share if you enjoyed this post and have a browse of my other posts.

Thanks for reading. Until next time.

Hi all long time no blog post. I’ve been on holiday so haven’t posted in a few weeks but I’m so glad to be posting again. I hope anyone reading who has/is about to receive results for A-Level or GCSE is happy with them, and if not then there’s another path for you I promise!

So considering I’m going to be starting my second year of college in September I thought I’d share what I deem to be my ‘College Essentials/What’s In My Bag’ to help out anyone starting their first year, or anyone who felt unprepared last year etc. Also this is going to help me create a list of all the things I haven’t bought or done yet, oops.


First things first you’re gonna need a pretty big bag. Last year I bought this one from H&M which is still in great condition for me to carry on using unless I find a better one. I have it in beige but they seem to do it in baby pink now instead, or black. My only downside to this bag is that it doesn’t have a zip for the main compartment so I have to use things to keep my work dry but overall this bag has been a lifesaver and it amazes me it hasn’t snapped considering the amount I take to college.

Next is folders. I take a small ring binder with me to college to store any sheets or booklets I get with a few empty plastic wallets in there for things I get that aren’t hole punched. (This folder also saves my life when it rains – I took my notebooks in it so they don’t get ruined). Then at home I have a large ring binder for each subject to put in old booklets and papers that I’m not using in class anymore and any revision I may have done. You may also find it helpful to have a list at the start of your folder with all the topics on it so you can ensure you have all the resources you should have.

With notebooks, its personal preference on what works for you. Last year I had started with one notebook that had four dividers, this worked well as I could use a section per subject however it ran out pretty quickly. From then I just used refill pads so then I could take out the sheets I had used and put them in the ring binder. All of this works well, like I said it’s completely up to you. Personally I think this year I am going to keep a notebook per subject because I will be starting coursework and will find it easier to have everything I need in one place.

(Edit Note: My friend Fern just asked why a notebook – you don’t get given books like in school people.. it’s a hard core independent lifestyle now)

In the rest of my bag I usually take a pencil-case with pens, pencils and a few highlighters in it, definitely have spare highlighters because they’ll become your best friend. A planner is useful to have with you. I hated keeping a planner in high school but now I can see why it was so useful, it’s so much better when you’ve written down all the work and notes you need to have done, rather than just hoping you remember and forgetting to do it. I also kept my timetable in my planner for the first few weeks until I knew where I was going. Then being the typical girl I am I like to have a mirror, hairbrush and powder in my bag as well as my bus pass (priorities) and headphones (number one priority).

Other things it might be helpful to have at home are fine liners/coloured pens for revision notes as it’s unlikely you’ll have time in lessons to keep your notes looking as nice as you may like, so you can do all of this at home. Post it notes again may become your best friend as I find them so useful in reminding me what work I need to do, especially with stuff I have over a week to do and therefore I’m less likely to flick that far back in my planner. A hole punch is also highly useful as some of my teachers give me sheets pre punched but many do not, so it saves having to put everything in plastic wallets to put in your folders (however plastic wallets are lifesavers for when you’re feeling lazy, so for me, always). And last but not least – flash cards. A revision angel for those last-minute tests.

I hope this was helpful to anyone wondering what they might need for college. If you want a post on college clothes or tips for starting college come September let me know and I’ll jump straight on it. I hope you all have an amazing last few weeks of Summer.

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What You NEED to Watch on Netflix

What You NEED to Watch on Netflix

Hi. I’m Niamh. And I’m a binge-a-holic. Seriously, BA (Binge Anonymous) needs to become a thing ASAP, I need help.

However, I like to use my awfully unhealthy obsessions for the good of others so I’m going to give you some of my top ‘must-sees’ on Netflix at the moment. When I started planning this post I was thinking, this might not be such a good idea I mean, when can I ever find anything to watch? UK Netflix is awful compared to the US one (totally unfair still). That was until I realised that I only think Netflix is bad because I’ve watched it all… SO there is actually a lot for me to recommend and I actually found it quite hard to sum up. In the end I’ve put together a list of 5 TV series, 5 Rom-Coms (bite me I’m a girl I conform to the chick flick stereotype ok) and 5 other favourites I couldn’t not mention. You might want to grab a snack cos this post is gonna be a long one…

To start off with TV shows my number one would have to be Pretty Little Liars. Now when I started to watch this it wasn’t on Netflix so I had to use other websites but now it’s on there and they update it weekly when it’s airing which is such a blessing thank you God. But anyway I really love films and tv shows with a mysterious/crime related element to them so this hits the spot for me. I could honestly go on about this show all day so if you want a full review on it or anything else I mention let me know in the comments! I won’t lie it has its bad episodes but nonetheless it’s an amazing show you need to try if you haven’t already.

Keeping in with the mystery theme I recently watched the new MTV series Scream in two days (oops). Again Netflix update this weekly as it airs. Now I don’t like horror films but I love the Scream films, and the I Know What You Did Last Summer trilogy which is a similar idea to Scream. I think it’s because they have the mystery element more than horror which I enjoy. I like TV shows that you can theorise about, which you can do with both PLL and Scream. I wasn’t expecting to love Scream as much as I do but it’s so addictive and so so good.

Much like with PLL, I started watching The Vampire Diaries elsewhere as it wasn’t on Netflix when I started it, but now I think they have all the seasons except 7, the most recent one. I’ve recommended this series to a few of my friends who have turned it down because they don’t like storylines with vampires. As much as the programme is obviously based around that idea, it’s also so much more. The characters are incredible and the storylines are so good. They are as I said based a lot on mythical ideas but I beg anyone against these things usually to give it a go it is so worth it.

How to Get Away with Murder. LOVE IT. Such an amazing programme with such a gripping storyline. You can kind of theorise about this one too so again, probably why I’m so obsessed. Now I think Netflix only has Season 1 and Season 2 goes on in September I believe. I got so addicted I had to find somewhere else to watch Season 2. I’d probably recommend waiting until that’s up so you can watch them all in one go but I am super ready for Season 3 to start airing.

The last TV series I’m going to mention is White Collar. When I started watching this I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. It’s another crime related TV show but the characters are so funny and loveable and Matt Bomer is in it so if that doesn’t persuade you I don’t know what will. Also I’m slightly bias because an actress from my all time favourite TV show One Tree Hill, Hilarie Burton, makes an appearance. Now I believe they’ve just put the last season of this on Netflix so I need to catch up and finish it off and probably cry.

Wow, okay. Onto those soppy Rom-coms. So the film to my favourite book which I mentioned in this post, Love Rosie, is on Netflix. I cannot explain my love for this anymore honestly, just watch and read and fall in love as much as I did. Next to mention is Endless Love. This film has all of those unrealistic first love goals rolled up into one montage along with every bit of drama you could ask for in a film and a gorgeous red dress that I need in my life ASAP. Now, when I started planning this post I thought my all time favourite Nicholas Sparks film, Safe Haven, was still on Netflix but they seem to have taken it down (insert sad face here, boo you Netflix.) However, they do have The Best of Me which came out in 2014 and is obviously an incredible Rom-Com because it’s a Sparks one so give that a go. Another one of my all time favourite films on here is Abduction, now this probably isn’t as much of a romance as the others but it does have some love in there. It is such a good film with a really fun story line, I love action films and this has some rolled into there which makes it so fun. Also it has Taylor Lautner in it so you can’t go wrong. On the Lautner topic my last thing to mention is the Twilight Saga which has recently been added to Netflix. The first one is a bit cringe but the last two are AMAZING. Same with what I said about TVD – give it a go because it’s not all about vampires, it’s still so good.

As I said there’s five other things I love that I couldn’t really categorise but I have to mention. My favourite comedian Jack Whitehall has both of his live shows on there so if you need a laugh give those a watch. Gets Around is probably my favourite. My love of musicals and live theatre was fulfilled by the addition of Grease: Live to the Netflix library. Obviously you cannot beat the original Grease but this is an amazing remake and Vanessa Hudgens, Julianne Hough and Jordan Fisher are incredible and my faves so I love. Another TV show that isn’t in my top 5 is amazing nonetheless is Once Upon A Time. It’s all about fairytales and it is so interesting to see how they fit them into a ‘real world/modern’ aspect. Penultimately I have to mention Clueless because if you haven’t seen the classic that is Clueless you need to get your clicking down to Netflix. And FINALLY a family/kid film favourite of mine, Rise of the Guardians, is on there and I really love this film. If you want something to watch with your family, or siblings or out babysitting then this is one for you.

Yikes that was a lot longer than anticipated, I feel like I’ve typed the equivalent of a marathon and unbelievably there is a lot I’ve missed and had to cut out. I’m still shocked I found this much that I love. However I’m still praying for international Netflix because the US one has everything I dream of. There is also rumours of all the Disney films going on Netflix in September so look out for that because I know I will be.

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The Awkward In Between of Seventeen

Seventeen. It’s a tricky one. So is being late sixteen too I suppose. You’ve started college and the year 11 fun is over, and we’re all stuck in this same awkward stage in which no one quite knows what to do with themselves. Am I an adult? Am I a kid? Who knows.. Well, here are 8 problems a 17 (and 16) year-old can relate to;

1. The dreaded part-time job.

It starts out as a big waiting game of endless applications and rejection emails until that one moment of acceptance and joy. The naive joy. Until the realisation hits that you’re in the big working world. Say bye bye to your weekends and free time, it’s time to adult.

2. Earning money.

You might be earning your own now, but you’ll soon realise it’s not enough, especially if you’re unfortunate enough to be on minimum wage. It’s a hard road to payday, and once you get there it’s probably not that delightful, but hey, it’s better than nothing.

3. The care you now take with that money.

When it was your parents money, asking for a few bits and bobs every now and then was nothing, but now you find yourself working out how many hours worth of work this new pair of jeans cost. Is three hours of blood sweat and tears worth it? Most of the time the answer is yes, (for us shopaholics with no will power), but still, this new money fear is an alarming welcome to adulthood that none of us were quite ready for.

4. Along with care, comes new necessities.

Most things that once came from the bank of mum and dad now must come from the bank of me. When wanting to keep up appearances, and in with the new trends, and to have the ability to access money in emergencies, (you know when you run out of foundation, or break a nail, or need that new album on iTunes) the teen necessities now come from you.

5. Driving.

A new adulthood activity now available to you, that again brings its problems, but a new sense of freedom and respect and responsibility. Once you know how to drive you can go anywhere really, and that’s quite exciting in itself. The money problem will again slide into this one and poke away at you, reminding you of those new ‘bank of me’ adult responsibilities.

6. College.

It’s not school but it is school. You’re still in this awkward education system where a memory test is all we have to show for years of our time, but you have a little more freedom and responsibility – and for most of us there’s no uniform which is a perk (especially on those ‘I can’t be bothered getting ready so I’ll just shove on this hoodie’ days). The work is ten times harder and the exams are match that but we stumble on with our “free’s” which we could really use more wisely, and those early finishes providing great excuses to go home and nap. So really – it’s not that bad??? There’s also the huge expectations that come along with exams and results and teen life etc, but that’s another issue in itself.

7. Beyond college. Not a clue.

You’ve been there ten minutes and they already think you have your life planned out. Some of us do – the lucky ones – the rest of us drift on throughout the year until we’re smacked in the face by reality. The first year of college is over, and applying to university needs to happen soon, so what do you wanna do? And honestly, we’re still not that sure. Then there is the added pressure again of exam results and even getting into university etc etc etc, the issues are an ongoing cycle.

8. Independence.

We’re independent enough to be earning our own money. But we’re not old enough to be earning the same amount as someone not even a year older than us in the same job? We’re almost 18 and need to act our age and be an adult and grow up. But we still want to be a kid and can still be treated like one? Also we still want to pay child fare on trains and buses, and can only afford that. But we now have to pay as adults? It’s all sat at a confusing and awkward in between. Along with this independence comes the struggle of trying to be your own person but also fit in with society – again another issue in itself.

I think the realities of being almost 18 and an adult are nothing like we expected. There is a lot more pressure and responsibility than we originally see. TV and films definitely show a different side, a side that many of us will not achieve and that’s okay. Also many of these images come from America where teen life may differ a lot from this, they have different limits and opportunities maybe? Anyway the point is there is a lot more than meets the eye to being seventeen.


This post probably sounds really problematic, but don’t get me wrong there are some occasional perks to being a teen, but this was my take on the little problems. Also let me know if any of the issues mentioned you would like me to write more about.

As with any other post I hope this wasn’t too waffley and babbly. Please comment/like/follow my blog, have a browse at my other posts and follow my twitter and instagram – @_niamhyx.

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Favourite Drugstore Beauty Products

Favourite Drugstore Beauty Products

Okay so I’m poor and a lil bit of a cheap skate so drugstore beauty products are my life. I am looking to up my game with some high-end products soon so please feel free to recommend some in the comments below! But for now, enjoy reading about my favourite drugstore products and if you use or try any let me know what you think.

First up has to be the Golden Sugar Ultra Blush Palette by Makeup Revolution. As I’ve said before I’m a big fan of Makeup Revolution and this palette is probably one of my holy grail products. It has an amazing highlight in there and some darker shades that I like to use for a subtle contour whenever I’m not going all out with make-up, but don’t fancy looking like a pea-head. All the shades have such a nice pigment and last really well. I think I got this palette for about £6 from Superdrug so definitely check it out. I would also recommend their singular highlighters as I recently purchased the Golden Lights one and it is amaaaaaazing. (And only £3)

Eyeliner is a must in my make-up bag, and I love love love the L’Oreal SuperLiner in Perfect Slim. It’s an eyeliner pen with a precise tip so it’s so easy to apply and get that perfect fleeky line. I buy it in intense black but they do several other shades for a more subtle line, but the intense black certainly lives up to its name. This is £6.99.

Another Makeup Revolution product I have to mention is the Fortune Favours the Brave eyeshadow palette. This was £10. I did a full blog post with swatches of this palette about a month ago which you can read here. I honestly swear by this palette. I may also do a future post on all the palettes I have by Revolution because I love them all – if you’d be interested in this let me know in the comments.


I was shopping the other day and Superdrug had one of their 3 for 2 offers on, and with a deal like that I obviously couldn’t leave without buying some things, so I bought one of the Matte Me liquid lipsticks by Sleek. I bought the shade ‘Shabby Chic’ which is a dark pink colour and it is so lovely. I haven’t worn this out yet but when I tested it, it was so good. It was clear that it will last well and the colour pigment was insane. There is definitely a knack to applying liquid lipstick but nothing that you couldn’t easily get the hang of.


In terms of brushes, I really need to up my game, I have a few Real Techniques brushes which everyone knows are very good and I agree. Other brushes I have are the EcoTools ones. I got a set of 5 around a year ago when I was just getting to grips with make-up and I would definitely recommend these to people who want to improve their skills and buy new brushes but don’t want to break the bank. The set I had I can’t find anywhere at the minute to give a price but I’ll update this once I do.

Another thing I have to mention isn’t make up, but a beauty product no less, the Body Shop Body Butter. I have 3 of these to get through at the moment because I seem to buy a new one in a different flavour every time I go. These butters perform miracles on the skin. I used to have quite dry skin on the backs of my arms and on my legs but since using this I am smooth as a baby’s bum. My favourite one is probably passionfruit as it is nice and refreshing, but the red raspberry is a close second because it smells like yoghurt (it’s nicer than it sounds I promise). These are usually around £14 but there is ALWAYS a sale in the Body Shop so keep your eyes peeled, I got 4 for £18 the other week.


One final product I have to throw in is my mascara. It is the very cheap and VERY cheerful £1.99 Miss Sporty fabulous lash mascara. I have naturally quite long lashes so this mascara helps to lift them in colour (enhancing the black) and add a little extra length for umpf (is that even a word????). It is such a bargain and I absolutely swear by it. For a more voluptuous lash for a night out, I will top it up with the Mega Volume mascara by L’oreal. Both products beautifully compliment each other creating a natural false lash effect, definitely worth a try.


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