Lockdown, A Time For Reflection?

Back at it again in the pm of the last day of the month…

With this whole pandemic thing hopefully coming to an end some time soon, (I say that like it already hasn’t in some peoples minds, but anyway!), I’ve been thinking about how much learning has happened in the past few months, and how going ‘back to normal’ probably isn’t the best option.

Yes you’ll be able to go to the pub and the club and the gym and see the fam and go for food, that will all be normal, but I’m talking about the other important take aways we have gotten from this period. I mentioned it briefly in another post that I thought there was a bigger meaning behind the pandemic as it has given us the time to appreciate what really matters and prove who really keeps the country running and low key help to save the planet with less pollution! So why should we go back to how it was?

Normal wasn’t working, so shouldn’t we do better?

Now this is just going to be my classic waffle post of whatever is in my brain so please educate yourself on these issues because we really can be doing better than we were, and I think the pandemic has given us all the time we needed to step back and reflect and learn.

Think about it if we were all going out every weekend and too consumed with work, would we all have taken the time we needed to to educate ourselves with the Black Lives Matter movement? To read the books and watch the documentaries and share the posts etc etc. And there still is time for us to continue educating ourselves, it shouldn’t stop now! Especially not just because you’re allowed in the pub again! We should be taking what we have learnt to the outside world. Call out your friends and family when they’re saying something incorrect, and try to educate them (it’s easier said than done, trust me, I’ve tried!!). We can’t take our foot off the gas!

Defunding the police is a very bold statement I had never understood before the last month or so. And it doesn’t mean we don’t need people protecting our streets. But delving into the structure behind the system and the training etc. especially in America, it is definitely something that needs to be taken into a consideration. If you need more hours of training to cut someones hair than you do to carry a gun and ‘protect’ the streets, can’t we do better? Training social workers more to handle situations or even just giving police officers some sort of training in Health and Social Care. Protecting people comes down to more than just throwing them in prison. If you improve the systemic racism, improve everything around people that are left at the bottom of the food chain, would that not be a better help to crime rate? Especially in a country that has 5% of the worlds population but 25% of its prisoners? It doesn’t make sense.

Similarly say with the planet, you’d like to think a lot of businesses that have continued throughout have seen that people can work from home, so many flights and travel expenses aren’t necessary for your business to do well, we can reduce our emissions and help the planet!

I’d also hope that this term ‘unskilled workers’ gets scrapped and we start to teach our children how important these jobs were at a time of crisis. Who really kept our country together? And God forbid lets hope the bloody tories put their money where their claps are for the NHS. Marcus Rashford fought for political change in this crisis, helping hungry children this Summer, but shouldn’t it be every Summer? We can use our voices more often to get the things that actually matter to the British public to the top of political agendas, and hopefully other celebrities and big names start to put their money where their mouth is and use the platform they have to make other big changes!

There are also so many smaller countries struggling that I knew absolutely nothing about until I saw on social media. With Yemen on the verge of practically becoming extinct and other countries like Palestine and so many more in much bigger crises than our ever pending recession will put us in, we really can do SO much better in this world.

I think my generation is very outspoken and a lot of the older generation don’t like that. But social media has become such an educational platform for me to be honest. It can be a heavy place sometimes, it’s not all shits and giggles anymore, it’s people trying to tackle a lot of hard hitting issues like BLM or Sexual Assault or Justice for Grenfell, so many important things that are overlooked. I think it’s brave that people can go onto social media platforms and tell their stories, prepared for ignorant abuse, hoping to change the opinion and educate just one person, or cause one person to go out of their way and educate themselves. I like to hope it means our generation will do one step better, with all of our knowledge and caring about some real issues that never really get touched on. Like how can sexual assault be spoken about for change when a rapist is president of the United States? But anyway…

All of the above is what we need to continue to do. Be outspoken! Have those challenging conversations! Take that extra time out of your week to educate yourself on an issue you want to know more on, or saw someone post on social media! Do better! Because I know I damn well want to try to. I have a highlight on my Instagram (@_niamhyx) called ‘learning’ which I update with useful posts that I share and can refer back to to educate myself on or find topics I want to explore further. Please consider checking it out and researching these topics and doing the same!

Again just my classic waffle, but I’ve been thinking about all of this for a while, and not a lot of people read this anyway, it’s practically a public diary at this point so cheers if you’re here lol!

But I do think it is food for thought… Feel free to reach out and let me know what you think.

Anyway Until The Next Waffle.

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