PLL GAME OVER: Reaction.

Well last night was the Pretty Little Liars episode we’ve all been waiting for; the ending. Considering the last two seasons we’ve suffered, I was content with the reveal of A.D as it became obvious it was only relevant to this season. Putting that into consideration, Alex was the perfect ending to someone avenging the death of Charlotte. Every other aspect of the show and episode and ending however, had me pretty disappointed.

I had unrealistically high hopes, to no fault but my own, which I am now very much regretting, but I was HOPING PLL would take a risk and shock us all, but considering another twin theory was expected by many, elements of shock were minor. I think my high hopes came from the promo and my own theories (Caleb, Ezra or Ali were my DREAM A’s), but also other TV show finales, such as the recent ending to ‘The Vampire Diaries’, which was perfect in every aspect and had me crying for hours like a little baby. And I was hoping for some form of content closure after 7 years of my life wrapped up in a mystery show with so many questions, not more questions and sentences without full stops

Of course there is positives, without a doubt. I’ve loved the programme and I don’t want to slate it to the ground when there are good (although minor) aspects. The acting within the show is incredible along with the directing etc. Troian Bellisario was outstandingly amazing, as was Janel Parrish, not to mention every other character on their usual standards. Just for me, since season 4 the show has been lacking a concentrated story line and full element of mystery, especially these past two seasons which have just been completely lost on me.

I’m so happy also with how Alex was revealed and what a character she was. A stone cold sociopath craving no sympathy, just thriving in her actions. Her mirroring reveal was SO much better than when Cece just turned around in a hoodie. This along with Troian’s acting made the episode somewhat worth it.

And then Mona. Oh my favourite, what a character. She won the game and that makes me so happy. ‘A’ really came round full circle in such a subtle but instinctive manner that did Mona so well. Her fake police man boyfriend and using everyone around her for her own motive gave me the vibes of when I loved the show when she owned the game, back when things made more sense.

So now we’re onto the ranting and the ramblings, as I can safely say my two paragraphs of happiness will be deeply outweighed by my never-ending questions and somewhat faults with this ending. Let’s start with the actual ending. Like please, can they just leave it with Mona doing us all proud winning the twisted life she created and NOT making it seem like Alison disappearing and causing it all was normal and trying take two with the IRRELEVANT Addison who nobody would even bat an eyelid at. I think everyone’s eyes rolled when they were just waiting for the “I think I heard her scream.”

There’s also the fact that the way it began holds no relevance whatsoever. Like in reality, this was a show about an iconic bitch who went missing. Alison then turned into a middle-aged housewife and A.D quite frankly had nothing to do with her and no care for her. Like ???? HOW. Alison was such a minor role in these seasons and they could have done it so much better. Too much from the early seasons has been forgotten, lost and unanswered and that’s the most annoying part. From the five-year time jump, PLL has basically been a completely different show with new motives and a new family focus of the Hastings.

Then there’s Wren. Shady Wren. Who has been done so dirty. I did not spend my years analysing this man’s shady behaviour for him to become a fake Spencer’s lap dog and then DIE. So many parts of his story and time on the show doesn’t make sense, he could have had a better link to the plot, along with Melissa, if the story had taken a partially different route they could have been done better. Wren has been a predicted A since the Charles reveal, and for him to just die barely even helping Alex just wasn’t enough for me.

I was also lost on the need for a one year time jump. Like why did Alex take a whole year off just to come back and try to be Spencer again? It made no sense to me whatsoever. Much like the fact that JENNA and a HORSE solved who A.D was. How have these girls spent seven seasons hiding from anonymous murdering stalkers to reveal one in half an hour with the help of their biggest enemy and a horse? Like come on. It was so rushed in that the finale spent an hour focusing on the romances, which although they’re cute and everyone got their happy ending, have always been a side plot, or supposedly, to what the show really is, a MYSTERY, a concept which the writers lost and upsets me a lot. So an hour on romance and then 40 mins on A.D? Just shows the lack of relevance to the entire thing really doesn’t it.

 I feel like I have so many more questions and annoyances about this ending, and I really didn’t want to feel this way about the end so I need to stop talking about it. In reality, this is the direction it took, and it’s over. I don’t want to sound entirely negative as I love the show and in consideration of how boring and lost I’ve found the last season and a half, the last five episodes were majorly good in comparison. I just wanted more. I feel like to introduce a new and complex character like Alex and expect it all to be over was a stretch and was bound to leave people with more questions, which isn’t really fair. Although her story and flashbacks made sense so much more than Charlotte’s which did make me very happy, I don’t feel like it’s over. The final scene of the girls made me cry (right up until they ruined it with Addison) so I feel like that’s a happy note of closure.

Overall it’s safe to say I’m glad it’s over and I don’t have to focus apparently more time and energy than the writers into theorising who A is, even though I will miss it, and I am planning on rewatching the whole thing just to piece it back together. Hope you’ve enjoyed this rambled mess of thoughts on the finale, please comment your own as I’d love to read them.

Hopefully I’m back to regular posts as it’s summer so.

Thanks for reading. Until next time.



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