Fortune Favours the Brave

Okay so the title of this post makes me sound so inspirational. If only.. Nope, no inspiration here, just my current favourite eye shadow palette.

Now I’m not going to lie, I adore makeup revolution, so my opinion may be bias, but I am so impressed with this new palette by BritishBeautyBlogger. In my eyes, makeup revolution is brilliant. Why spend £30-40 on something they can duplicate for more than half the price? Some may argue it’s half the quality, which in some cases is true, however I wouldn’t call it bad quality, it just takes more time. I myself can safely say I’m not made of money, and own around 8 make up revolution dupe type products that I see no problem with, but I have not used the more high-end products for comparison.

Anyway, I have swatched and reviewed this palette as well as I possibly can (as I said in my intro my interest in makeup is growing so may not be spot on). Also all the pictures included were taken on my iPhone 6 and aren’t amazing quality, apologies.


So the first colours I looked at were; Glimmer, Puffer, Peachy, Pink Diamond, and Favour (left to right). These colours didn’t pick up very well in the swatch, but work great on the lid. I have been using Glimmer with the more bronze shades that will be shown later, as a highlight and it works great. Pink Diamond and Favour work very well together for a glittery pink look, with a tonal blend, and are nicely pigmented.

U3gi5WN_(Hopefully the other pictures show better than this as I had the flash on..)

The next colours I looked at were; Caffeine Fix, Latte, Ice Cloud, New World, Sunset Hour, Super Gold, and Golden Coins (left to right). Okay so I am OBSESSED with the last three colours in this swatch! I have been using them along with Glimmer to highlight for the past few days and it makes such a lovely look for day-to-day occasions you want to dress up with make up. You know what I mean, right? These are all my favourite colours in this palette. Caffeine Fix and Latte are really nice matte base colours which would also work really well alone for a natural daily look. Also the two highlight shades are amazing, I definitely prefer Ice Cloud as it has an outstanding pigment but New World is good also as it has bronze tones to make the look more subtle. Soft and Creme are the two light matte colours on the palette, they wouldn’t show up on a swatch but do work well to blend and highlight under the eyebrow.


Next we have the right hand side of the palette and the darker tones. Here we have; Drama Queen, Winning, Brave, The Revolution, Lonely Planet, Blacqua. The centre three are the sparkly shades in this section and all have black under tones. Personally, I’m not one for dark eye make up as much as I’d love to be, however Blacqua is an incredible shade, literally would not come off my brush so I could swatch the next shade! I do want to try Drama Queen and Winning as although they would not work too well together, they are lovely colours, and I’d definitely go a little out of my comfort zone to try them out.


Finally, my last swatch focused on the upper right of the palette and the green and blue shades. From left to right they are; Fortune, Tip Top, Yes Please, Green Machine, Smoothie, Midnight Rainbow, Transformer, Skylight. Again these aren’t colours I would usually use but I do want to try. I was slightly confused here as the shades that looked more green to me, came out gold. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing though because it meant they’d be put to more use. YES PLEASE. A great shade with a great name. All of the blue shades would definitely work well together too. When swatching these colours I had a scientific epiphany, that probably was not scientific in any way whatsoever. But when I was wiping the brushes clean on the palm of my hand (classy and professional I know, MUA hit me up), I realised that all of these colours looked a lot better on the palm of my hand. Scientist Niamh decided this was because the skin on my palm is a lot more like the eyelid, in my touch comparison. ANYWAY, my point is not that I will be calling NASA any time soon, but that I don’t want to knock any colours until I’ve tried them, and those that didn’t look too good in a swatch may be incredible on the lid – I’ll let you know on that one..

To end, I’m going to stick by my guns. Don’t knock makeup revolution until you’ve tried it. The colours may take a little more time to show colour and to blend, but it’s worth it if you’re looking to save some dollar. I’d highly recommend this palette, especially for the left hand side which I have been using religiously. Also if you do happen to like this product I’d definitely look at some others by makeup revolution, their I Love Makeup highlighters (Too Faced dupes I think) are amazing.

I apologise if my opinion is completely bias, but like I said, this product is definitely worth your time and effort, and measly £10. Bargain.

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Thanks for reading. Until next time.


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