My 2017.

Oh, so this thing does still exist? Yes I'm as shocked as you are... Well, to give myself some credit, this isn't the longest break I've taken from writing. Two months is probably some form of achievement considering my levels of procrastination. And in fairness, I do sit on a computer all day at work,... Continue Reading →


My Heart is Reeling.

I don't necessarily know if this is going to be the best thing to do, voicing my irrelevant 18 year old opinions in a blog post. But there's just so much that a 140 character tweet can't hold.

2016 Favourites

Hello 2017. *Insert obligatory new year new me shit here.* Let's be honest, these next few months will 100% be me trying to post and drowning in college work instead. I am trying to find a weekly upload time that I will actually stick to, because to be honest it would be nice for this... Continue Reading →

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